BAKEWEILL, DERBYSHIRE and the English countryside.

Classic English novels scenery in real life … 

I guess majority of us knows {one of my favorites books so far} English classic novel Pride and Prejudice. Most of the girls used to dream to find Mr. Darcy in the real life.. Well, lets dream…

“The distance is nothing when one has a motive.” Is my favorite quote from this movie.

English countryside.. 

13219978_1099000933456557_1996799341_nI visited some very beautiful, romantic small villages in the english countryside. Definitely the best part of England. We all saw London, Brighton, Manchester and Liverpool so many times.

The scenery was breathtaking||| All green, beautiful houses, small farms, animals, narrow roads. Gorgeous.

We were headed to Bakewell. A very romantic village. At the very beginning of the village is a huge parking spot where you can park your car and walk into the small centre. You have to cross the love bridge. If you are traveling with your loved one don’t forget to bring with you a locker, to make sure you will lock your love for forever {I’m such a romantic person, but i didn’t have a loved one with me}. The scenery and the river is unbelievable and breathtaking. Stop there for a second 13219990_1099000870123230_82323579_n-2and just breathe and admire that view. Even if you are not in love in this spot you will feel that you would love to have someone by your side. Stunning view, the sound of the river, birds and gorgeous swans all around.. That vibe of that place is just so amazing.


The small centre of  the village is full of small shops, cafes, cosy tea houses and pubs and small restaurants. We came at the time when most of the restaurants finished serving lunch but luckily we found a small cosy Italian restaurant. We were glad because we are not a huge fans of fish and chips. Definitely suitable for vegans and vegetarians like me. The restaurant is owned by a very nice english family. They are very friendly and the food was tasty. In this small village you can walk for hours and just look around and enjoy the beauty of this place. It is really worth to visit.





13236295_1099000860123231_402863706_n13219710_1099000890123228_2106166906_nBakewell is a very small, cosy village where you can walk for few hours, enjoy a cup of english tea and enjoy this beautiful place. There are many similar villages all around this place.

I was amazed by the beauty of the English countryside. All is green and beautiful. Small typical english houses all around. There are definitely an eye candy. I am really positive you will like these places. If you visited these places please let me know. We can compare our experiences.

And now lets dream about our Mr Darcy….


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